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Soladey is the only toothbrush you actually see and feel working. This simple looking Ionic toothbrush is the most effective I have ever tested. It removes plaque, it causes your teeth to repel plaque, it reduces bacteria and biofilm in the mouth, it gets rid of bad breath and morning breath, it helps prevent bleeding gums and has eliminated it in most cases, it removes stains from your teeth like coffee and tobacco, and it is environmentally friendly in a big way. Children have a natural…Dr. Michael Margolis, DDS – President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine
I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 19 years, and never before have I tested or used a toothbrush more effective than any electric brush I recommended in the past. I like the ease of use and the ionic effect using light and saliva without batteries. I really encourage dry brushing and with the Soladey Ionic brush, it fits perfectly into my patient’s regimen program. The results have been whiter teeth, less plaque, and cleaner fresher breath for patients and myself.Victoria DaCosta, RDH – 2004 President, Santa Barbara Dental Hygiene Association
Don’t let the product’s simple look fool you, we highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush to all our patients because it has proven to be a simple, highly effective and economical means of controlling both the formation and removal of dental plaque.Dr. Derek Clease DMD & Dr. Andrew Willoughby DMD – Vancouver Dental Spa
After no dental check-ups for 6 years, this is the story with the dentist… the x-rays revealed no cavities. Not even that “little one we are going to watch” cavity. Despite the goggles and the heavy duty equipment there wasn’t much plague build up. No “scaling”, whatever that is, required. No one told me I hadn’t been brushing right. No one even mentioned the floss. They kept looking in disbelief, but there you have it – a perfect check up. Hmmm……Heather M-C, Nova Scotia
I heard about your product and have been using your tooth brush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this tooth brush… I had to have gum lengthening surgery four years ago. As a result of mercury toxicity I had very sensitive and bleeding gums. Ever since I started using this brush my gums have stopped bleeding and have become so much more healthy. Oh, Oh, I should be on a commercial for your company! Thank…Durham, N.C. / USA
We met on Saturday just gone at the Vegan Fayre in Bristol. I bought three Soladey toothbrushes from you. I used mine first on Saturday night. I realized then that it was working already. My teeth feel really clean. It’s quite astonishing. I’m writing to let you know I’m really impressed. If you ever need a testimony I’ll give you one. Funnily enough I’d heard many years ago- from a young wealthy American girl who had the best dental treatment and advice money…K D Bristol (Vegan Fayre)
I heard about your product and have been using your tooth brush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. I purchased it from the food bar man in British Columbia. I lost his email and phone number. I just came across his info this morning and called him and he sent me to your web site. Do you have a distributor in North Carolina, U.S.A? My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this toothbrush. I had very bad mercury toxicity. I had to have gum lengthen…Shirley, FL
For a number of years I have had a lot of plaque build up and consequential pocketing of the gum tissue which lead to periodontal surgery. I have tried all types and style of brushes in an attempt to prevent further problems. After using Soladey my gum tissue is healthier and my gums no longer bleed when I brush. I also have no plaque build up. My dentist asked me where he could get one.N. Kashawga, Registered Nurse, Brandon MB
I am truly delighted with my Soladey, I have a clean fresh mouth each time I use it, whiter teeth and I saved over $600 last year, compared to the years previous dental products purchased. I did not believe it until I did my taxes!J. Jenn, Port Coquitlam BC
Since my daughter started using Soladey, her check ups have dramatically improved. I don’t believe her brushing habits changed…it was that new toothbrush…she also gets sick with less frequency. I think it is because her mouth is cleaner and more free of germs and bacteria.M. Rieley, Regina SK

Imagine a toothbrush that needs no toothpaste!

A very popular toothbrush all around the globe among consumers and dental professionals alike for over 10 years now, Soladey is an ionic toothbrush that removes plaque and thoroughly cleans your teeth by a simple, natural ionic reaction.

When you begin to brush your teeth with a Soladey toothbrush light is absorbed by the embedded solar panel, and electrons are transmitted through the water (& saliva) to your teeth via the ion-generating brush head. This safe ionic reaction is not felt by you, but it makes the plaque unstable and easy to remove as you lightly brush your teeth.

If you're looking for a safer, healthier and smarter way to brush your teeth and take care of your smile, then you've come to the right place.

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